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04/18/08 - Wine Type

Wine Type For Your Reading Pleasure

The World's Largest Wine Producer

The largest wine producing area of the world can be found at the border of the Mediterranean Sea, in between Spain and the Rhone delta. Out of a population of 2.4 million, there are fifty thousand involved in growing vines. The area they consume spans twenty seven thousand and four hundred square kilometers (10500 miles). There are 400 cooperatives and about 2800 private wineries in the land with Banyuls to the southwest and Muscat to the east. Out of that comes two billion bottles of wine.

The area has hot summers and mild winters. The soil ranges from sandstone and limestone to granite pebbles. Cargnan, Merlot and Grenache other red wines are produced here and among the white wines there is Roussane, Chardonnay and Viognier.

It was the Greeks who started the cultivation of vineyards in this area as early as the 6th century BC when the Romans arrived in the region this cultivation was developed and it went on with the Visigoths in the 5th century. The monasteries in the 9th century developed the hillside regions for the vineyards and used the valleys for grains and in the 19th century the plains became vineyards as well. Currently it is the plains of Herault, Gard and Aude that make up a half of France?s overall grape yield.

For some years the quality of wines began to lag but in the past few decades with the emergence of Syrah there is been a return to quality. Syrah is opaque, purple in color, and has the scent of sweet black berry spiced with cassis and black pepper

The Vin de Pay D?Oc has been improving the region?s reputation in the past ten years with the Corbieres and the earthy Minervois.

Most winegrowing areas are dominated by a particular Chateau. In this area this is not so, most wines are produces by cooperatives who buy grapes grown on local farms. The grapes are put through a process that includes adding grape spirit. This stops the fermentation, saves the sweetness and raises the alcohol level to fifteen or sixteen percent. Wines such as Vin Doux Naturel made from Grenache or Muscat and Muscat de Frontignan or Banyuls are made from this process. They are wonderful dessert wines and are similar to port when it comes to aging potential.

White wine grown here are also of high quality. The Chardonnay and Marsanne are grown in Argelier, an area west of Bezier. The dry, fresh taste with an aroma of apple and oak comes from the chalky soil and the early harvesting process which allows for only a few hours of skin contact before pressing.

There are other red wines of interest such as the full bodied, spicy Corbieres that are made from Carignan and Grenache grapes grown in marl, sandstone and limestone. There are more than seventy million bottles produced that can go through three to seven years of aging.

In the sunniest region of France the Pyrenees in Roussillon produces another variety of reds. The area is closer to Spain and the Carignan is the main grape variety grown in the region. The wine produced is of medium body, spicy and has hints of licorice.

About the Author:

Melinda Carnes is a staff writer at Everything Gourmet and is an occasional contributor to several other websites, including Coffee Enthusiast.

Short Review on Wine Type

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April - Chianti Wine

A Featured Chianti Wine Article

The Basics of Wine Tasting Accessories

If you love wine then you must also love wine tasting. Wineries attract wine lovers like magnets because they offer the option of tasting new wines and vintages and exposing their sense of smell and taste to another variation of their existing collection. Some wineries even offer free wine tasting opportunities while there are several hotels and restaurants that are regular when it comes to holding wine tasting events. These events allow wine lovers to taste some of the most exclusive wines in the world. Now you might think that all you need to taste wine is an absence of cold and the ability to sip but wine tasting accessories are indispensable for the serious wine taster.

Wine tasting accessories are old companions of wine tasters who use them to analyze the wine for different factors like taste, color, aroma, flavor, and of course quality. Wine tasting accessories typically include aroma bottles and blotting strips that are often accompanied by manuals on wine tasting and recording books where wine tasters note down their assessments of different wines. It must be remember that wine tasting is also something that is learned and nourished through experience and if you are a novice then you will need the manuals. The assessment records are useful in providing feedback to wineries on how they may improve their wines.

Wine tasting accessories are different depending on the nature of the wine being tasted because all wines have a unique composition that cannot be generalized for the taster's convenience. Moreover, wine-tasting accessories comes in different sizes, so some kits will have more aroma bottles and blotting strips. Other tools of their own accompany some wine tasting accessories and they are manufactured using a whole range of materials to suit all preferences and personal tastes. Some wine tasting accessories come in an all-inclusive package that features equipment to test all the three major categories of wine, reds, whites, and blushes.

There are wine tasting accessories that are suitable for wineries and then there are those that are made with the single user in mind. Make sure that you ask for wine tasting accessories when you go shopping to avoid the ones that are meant for wineries. Of course, for those people who maintain a cellar containing hundreds of wine bottles it might become necessary to buy the winery related wine tasting accessories. It must be obvious that personal wine tasting accessories are much smaller and less elaborate than the other type. Personal wine tasting accessories are also helpful when you go to purchase new wine so you can taste it before buying it.

Some wine tasting accessories are even closely associated with certain brands so if you stick to one brand or are about to try a new one, see if you can find wine tasting accessories that are applicable to that brand in particular. This is especially true of the aroma bottles that usually vary by manufacturer.

Nowadays, it is quite convenient to acquire specific wine tasting accessories because of the Internet. The Internet provides extensive search options as well as hundreds of websites that are dedicated to good wines and the needs of wine lovers.

About the Author

James Arthur is a wine consultant for Visit our site for more information on wine storage credenzas

Thoughts about Chianti Wine

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