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Modern Wine Cellar Coolers

It was only a few years ago that if you hear the word wine
cooler the name Bartles and James came to mind. And if
someone was telling you about their wine collection you
pictured a massive underground vault. But the modern wine
cellar coolers are nothing like those of the past.

Only a few years ago a cellar would consist of rows and rows
of wine neatly organized and aged to maximum perfection.
It was easy to enjoy a good glass of wine when out for an
evening but virtually impossible to have that capacity within
the home. But then the modern wine counter cooler came
along. Today anyone can turn their kitchen into a wine
cellar with little effort.

Fine wines cost a lot and they are only worth the cost if you
have the proper place to store them. See wines are alive
and they are continuously changing depending on the
environment they are in. There are many things that affect
how a wine changes. Those include humidity, temperature,
ventilation, calm, and even the angle the bottle is stored at.
A quality wine cooler considers all of these elements.

Your wine should be stored horizontal in a stable
temperature at the lowest possible place that has no
vibration. You also need to make sure its away from any
strong odors.

The perfect temperature is between 50 and 55 degrees
with a 70% humidity level. A wine fridge can accomplish this
easily. A regular refrigerator isn't as effective because it is
just a little too cool plus temperatures fluctuate.

A wine cooler's temperature never changes which maintains
the wines flavor. These coolers are also designed so that
you can lay the bottle down so the wine is always in contact
with the cork.

An under the counter wine cooler can be built right into
your kitchen. This also gives extra protection to the wine
from natural lighting. There are a few common mistakes
that are made when shopping for a wine cooler. Make sure
you don't make these mistakes.

You need to stay away from the clear door coolers. There's
no question these look great because you can see all your
bottles of wine. But the light from the kitchen, especially
fluorescent lighting will actually ruin your wine over time.
There is actually a name for this "light struck." Buy a cooler
with the darkest door you can find.

Another common mistake is installing it near a heat source.
Your stove isn't your only heat source. Dishwasher and
refrigerators both throw heat and dishwashers also vibrate
which is bad for your wine. Try to install it where it is more

These coolers are commonly installed in the kitchen but of
course they don't have to be. You can install them in any
room that you wish as long as you stay away from any heat
or vibration.

The modern wine cellar coolers will let you serve perfect
wine to your guests anytime you feel like it. What a great
addition to your room!

About the Author

April used to be a bartender with over 7 years of experience. She later retired to become a freelance wine critic and a writer for a number of wine books. In these books, she specializes on finding the right glassware and utensils for your bar. Visit for a list of "must haves" such as a wine
glass rack
for your bar.

A Short Wine Stain Summary

The Perfect Wine Cellar Equipment

Congratulations on your move from wine lover to wine
connoisseur. If you are planning to buy a wine cellar this
guide will give you some information...

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Thoughts about Burgandy Wine

The Fine Wine Element of Selling Your Home

Like fine wine, your home has probably aged nicely while you have lived in it. While you may feel this way, it is important to understand buyers may l...

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Another Great Article on Burgandy Wine

Wine Tasting - Is It Really An Art?

In the last of our series on wines we're going to discuss an area that quite frankly few people know anything about.

Wine tasting.

Most people would probably think, what is there to tasting a wine? You take a sip, swish it around in your mouth and then swallow. Tastes either good or bad. Right?

Well, not exactly. There is actually an art to wine tasting and in this article we're going to cover the basics of just how to taste wine and determine just how good or bad it is.

Let's start with exactly why we do swish the wine around in our mouth when we taste it. At first it was thought that the reason we do this is because we thought that different areas of the tongue detected different flavors. Actually, this is not the case.

The front and back of the tongue have taste buds, but they don't specialize in a particular taste sensation. All taste buds can detect sour, sweet, bitter and salty flavors. In order to get the most out of your taste buds you swish the wine in your mouth so that all your taste buds, including your sense of smell, get involved in the detection of the finer flavors of the wine.

What a lot of people also don't realize is that much of what we taste is actually because of our sense of smell. Think about it. How good does your food taste to you when you eat while having a bad cold? Many times you can hardly taste anything at all. Medical science has actually determined that 75% of what we taste if because of our sense of smell.

Wine tasting itself is an art and while a lot of it is subjective wine tasters do follow some general rules or guidelines when judging how good a wine actually is. Learning these techniques is very easy and if you already like wine then that makes it even easier.

There are 3 steps in wine tasting

1. Look. They say you can tell a lot about a wine just by the way it looks. To look at a wine you should pour it into a clear glass in front of white background like a tablecloth, napkin or piece of paper. This makes it easy to examine the color. As for the color itself, white wines are actually green, yellow or brown. The more color usually indicates more flavor. Red wines are not just red. They can be pale red to deep brown. While a red wine improves with age the opposite is true for white wines.

2. Smell. Smell the wine. You do this in two steps. First you take a quick whiff to get a general idea of the smell and then take one very deep whiff. This will give you a better idea of the smell. After doing this wine tasters sit back and think about the smell for a long while before actually tasting it.

3. Taste. Finally, taste the wine. To do this you take a small sip and swish the wine around in your mouth. You then think about the taste. Is it light or rich or smooth or harsh. And then after the initial taste there is the aftertaste. How long did it last? Was it pleasant or was it a bitter aftertaste?

After the above steps many wine tasters assign a point score to each step. This ultimately is how they evaluate the wine and determine if it is a quality wine. Expert tasters say the more you do this the better you get at it.

About the Author

Michael Russell

Your Independent guide to Wine

Wine Tasting,Uk
Wine Prints
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