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German Wine For Your Reading Pleasure

Wine Chillers and Refrigeration: Isn't temperature control enough?

There are a number of names used to describe wine cooling equipment and essentially they are all the same but when you look more closely they're not. First question to ask: what's the reason for buying a wine refrigerator? Because if you're looking for an economical solution, (for example: you would use your kitchen fridge; if it had ample space for storing your bottles, but it doesn't) that's one kind of wine refrigerator; and another type of wine refrigerator does more than control air temperature, it controls humidity levels as well.

Isn't Temperature Control Enough

You will pay for desired features and having 2 or multiple temperature zones as opposed to 1 temperature zone is an example. Price will also increase with features like greater bottle count and storage capacity, along with features like rolling racks, stainless steel and interior lights. If you are looking to store and preserve/age wine, keep in mind that the environment will have to mimic a wine cave, which means things like no vibrations, and constant temperature and humidity control. Many of the wine refrigerators, especially the compact ones, are not engineered to control humidity and age wine. Instead they are excellent chillers for short term storage. There are wine cabinets and cellars designed to store and age wine and Eurocave makes several.

Features to Consider for short and long term storage

To store different types of wine and champagne as well as age some red or white wines look for a unit like the Eurocave Comfort 170. This wine cellar has 3 distinct areas: top compartment for red wine at recommended serving temperature (62F - 66F); central storage compartment for aging red or white wines with temp (53F - 56F) and humidity 50% - 80%; bottom compartment keeps bottles of champagne and white wine at (40F -44F) and ready to serve.

Here are some other typical features:

Chrome shelves
Tinted glass door
Temperature range
Digital temperature display
Pull out (rolling) shelves
Interior light
Dual temperature zones and multiple temperature zones
Front venting for built-in use

About the Author

Nancy Peterson, a self-professed wine lover, recently added a wine cellar to her new home. You can read more about wine cooling systems at:

Thoughts about German Wine

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Recommended German Wine Items

2003 Finca Los Arroyos Malbec

This 2003 Finca Los Arroyos Malbec from Argentina is deep purplish red. It has well-defined aromatic descriptors such as sweet cherries, plums and strawberries with vanilla and caramel touches, given after aging in new barrels of French oak for twelve months. It is a dry wine of balanced acidity, which makes it very pleasant and persistent, the ideal one to be served with dishes with meat. The temperature of service is from 61 F to 64 F. 7680600020 7680600020

Price: 18.95 USD

Wine Pairing
Wine Tasting


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